Simple Salmon & Links I Like

It is a lazy Monday evening with rain rhythmically tapping on the window and a fire crackling in the hearth. I am catching my breath for 10 minutes as my salmon parcels cook in the oven.  They make for a simple weeknight dinner that is both healthy and tasty, the kind of dish that is perfect to start the … Continue reading Simple Salmon & Links I Like


Winter Fashion

  Winter clothes are my favourite. I like to feel snuggled in.  Think thick tights, woolly scarves, knee high boots and soft worn-in jumpers. Clothes that make the weather almost irrelevant. This weekend, I admit I went a little crazy with River Island's seasonal offerings and bought all four of the pictured items. But surely this is justifiable considering … Continue reading Winter Fashion

Irish Stew: Comfort in a Bowl

My mother will find it deeply amusing when she discovers that not only do I occasionally cook Irish stew but now I am sharing my (her) recipe for this nostalgic dish.  You see stew for dinner is something I have complained about since I had enough words to complain. And even before this I apparently spat … Continue reading Irish Stew: Comfort in a Bowl

Blogs: Light-hearted Inspiration

  “She had always wanted words, she loved them; grew up on them. Words gave her clarity, brought reason, shape.” - The English Patient I love reading. The written word has always captured my imagination in a way moving pictures never really could.  I read the classics and poetry, award winning fiction and popular fiction, … Continue reading Blogs: Light-hearted Inspiration

Simple Supper for my Mother-in-Law

My in-laws are visiting this weekend and as they were arriving late Friday night, I wanted to serve them something warm, comforting and satisfying.  I was looking for a recipe that would be a welcome at the end of a long car journey yet not a full dinner. Something in the simple winter supper realm. After … Continue reading Simple Supper for my Mother-in-Law

10 Foodie Gifts from Co. Kerry, Ireland

  Before I create the wrong impression, I don't hate Christmas.  It wins most of us over in the end. Even Ebeneezer and The Grinch eventually had to concede to joining in the festivities, so what hope have I of resisting the seasonal cheer? As it happens, I am quite partial to a warm mince … Continue reading 10 Foodie Gifts from Co. Kerry, Ireland