“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart” – William Wordsworth…..

footprintLike every journey, there needs to be a start.  A baby step or a giant leap, bold or tentative, the journey can never commence without some forward propulsion.  And so here it is….my beginning.  The cessation of procrastination. The metaphorical ink spattering on the blank page.

A wise acquaintance, a lady in life’s twilight years, recently observed that we should all write something down.  Something to record our thoughts, something to etch our presence in the rocks.  But what? For me, that is not yet clear.

​”Write what you know”, is advice often proffered to those searching for inspiration and it seems as good a launch pad as any other.  But what do I know? What defines my identity?  What am I passionate about?  What will make me smile as I tap my keypad?

A myriad of things- food, cocktails, fitness, literature, education, cozy interiors and travel  – the general notion of the glass half full.  These will be my subjects; the rest currently rests in the realm of the undiscovered.

But today at least I take the first step – it feels more a stagger than a strut  – but it has transformed a daydream into something tangible.  A new entity has been created, one where words are shared, thoughts are verbalised and hopefully a control of the written word is developed and enhanced.


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