Blogs: Light-hearted Inspiration


“She had always wanted words, she loved them; grew up on them. Words gave her clarity, brought reason, shape.” – The English Patient

I love reading. The written word has always captured my imagination in a way moving pictures never really could.  I read the classics and poetry, award winning fiction and popular fiction, newspapers and magazines. But in recent years I have also devoted a lot of time to the reading of blogs. Lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, food blogs and fashion blogs.  Like bite size glossy magazines with limitless diversity, blogs have given me hours of pleasure and so it was probably a logical leap for me to finally make the move from consumer to creator.

The motivation to create my own blog came in no small measure from reading so many of yours.  I love peeking through the windows of the lives of all you bloggers out there.  I enjoy the diversity of subjects, the tried and tested recipes, the travel posts, the reviews, the fashion and beauty advice and the inspirational ideas that you share.  I laugh with you and cry with you.  I agree with you and disagree with you.  I envy you and empathise with you.

And since starting to create my own content, I have found myself devouring even more of yours.  And so here are some of your words and images that have inspired me in the past week.  They come with thanks to all of you who tap keys in the different corners of the world, in order to share just a little of your story with all of us.

  • These dinner party tips shared on one of my all time favourite blogs, A Cup of Jo, inspired me to confront one of my greatest fears, hosting a dinner party!!!!
  • Any post that validates my love of coffee and chocolate is the rainbow on my showery day. Check it out here
  • Despite being in close proximity, I have somehow never made it to Scotland. Reading Lela’s travel guide to Edinburgh made me want to rectify this situation very soon.
  • Fleur Danielle’s list of things to put a smile on your face definitely had the desired effect on me.
  • Steve McCurry’s incredible photos of Afghanistan left me speechless.
  • A little festive reading list that for me would be a little track back in time to rediscover words that taught me to love words.  The timeless classic Little Women was one of the first novels I remember falling completely in love with.
  • And a winter recipe to make with love, for those you love.

Keep writing, keep posting, keep inspiring xxx



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