I am thankful for…

Did you ever wake up and just know it was going to be a bad day?  You had a sixth sense or you created some sort of self-fulfilling prophesy because you gave this random feeling oxygen. And then the day played out exactly as you feared it would.

Today was one of those days.  A day when the weight of negativity felt a bit like a concrete block must feel on the back of a ladybird.

But on finally arriving home and closing the door on a day best erased from memory, I remembered that today is Thanksgiving on the other side of the Atlantic.  And so I hit on the perfect form of catharsis – stop, re-evaluate and realise just how lucky I am – everyday.

So here is my top 5 things to be thankful for:

Positive People:   Everyday I am inspired, elevated and motivated by the positive people in my life.  These people who not only make me reach for the stars but will lift me up on the days when I feel just a little too short to get there on my own.   I am so lucky to be surrounded by a little group of people who radiate that type of positivity.

Books:  “Books wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. 

Hobbies come and go.  Today I like to blog, tomorrow I may like to knit. I have plans to learn to bake cakes.  But books are a constant.  They are my friends, when people feel a little too much.  They are my favourite escape, my path to relaxation, my door to a million different lives. I don’t remember a time when this was not the case. I thank my mum for making stories and libraries part of our lives.  “The House At Pooh Corner”, when I can only have been about seven,  became my most memorable Christmas gift ever but I have got a book in a stocking for every one of the 36 Christmases I have lived through.  Despite all the classics that came after, and the innumerable books I have consumed, digested and forgotten, I still believe there are few occasions where Piglet and Pooh don’t have sage advice to offer.

Food:  I am a little obsessed with food.  I like to browse menus for restaurants I will probably never go to.  I read reviews of meals other people eat, in countries I have never visited.  I stare into the plates of other diners.  I own more cookbooks than I have shelves for. I wander around supermarkets everywhere I visit, to see what unfamiliar foods I might be missing out on.  I love to cook and be cooked for.  I love to eat in and go out to restaurants.  I find food extremely social but I am happy to eat alone.  Food is sensual and soulful.  In fact it one of the few daily experiences that stimulates all five senses.  We devour it with our eyes, its textures are multiple and diverse, it delights the nostrils with aromas that can make the mouth water, we hear it sizzle, crunch or pop and finally it tantalizes our taste buds.  Magic on a plate!!  How could I not be thankful?


Health:  Fingers crossed this doesn’t jinx things but I have great health.  I am rarely sick and seem to fight colds and flus off with ease.  I live life generally pain free. I take this for granted sometimes but I know it is a very precious gift. Wellness allows me the energy and zeal to attack each day and live a life that is generally incredibly happy and fulfilled.

Travel:  Anyone who thinks travel, especially travelling to live and work, is easy, has never left home. But travelling is incredibly rewarding and has taught me as much, if not more, than formal education ever could. It opens my mind and my heart.  It makes me inquisitive and empathetic.  It challenges me in so many ways.  I have never put a bag on my back, hopped on a plane or looked for a job in a foreign country and not learnt from it. The chance to travel made me who I am today, by making me realise that I am just a dot in a huge picture, but every dot makes it own mark!  I am the only person who can shape the impression I leave on life’s canvas.


So there you have it….just five of the many things I am currently most grateful for.  What makes you smile and realise how lucky you are??



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