The Season to be Jolly…

My colleagues, among them some of my closest friends, seem to be embracing the festive season with exceptional zeal this year and are determined to drag me along kicking and screaming.  Their enthusiasm is as infectious as it is annoying and so I am reluctantly resigning myself to the idea that December is destined to be about all things festive.

Accepting what will not be ignored, I hung the novelty wreath on the front door (or my hubby did!) and strung up a few festive lights. I am still adamant it is too early for the tree, but it is a start.

Never one for half measures, I then decided that a couple of festive touches each week might be fun. So this week, I am anxious to try this Mulled Apple Cider cocktail shared over on Cupcakes and Cashmere. It looks delicious, warming and very seasonal.

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I want to sip it snuggled in to one of these Christmas jumpers/ dresses (I am not a fan of the seasonal sweater so this is as close as it gets) with black skinny jeans or thick tights respectively and comfy ankle boots. Available here and here


Image 4 of ASOS Christmas Jumper Dress with Embellished Stars

Ideally, I will be watching The Holiday, my favourite seasonal chick flick ever.  I love it!!!!!  Feel-good, mushy and lots of fun.

All accompanied by Champagne gummy bears – the perfect festive evening in!!!!!  What is your perfect way to spend a holiday evening at home?

Alternate Product Image 1 Selected



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