Curry the Colour of Sunshine.

Dreams by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.
Today was my first day back at work after the holidays. Waking in the dark and cold, the struggle to leave the comfort of soft pillows and a warm duvet, was very real and more than a little depressing. Then, as I drove to work, I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise I have seen in quite some time. The morning was clear and frosty and as darkness made way for sunlight, the sky came alive with steaks of red, orange and yellow. And so I smiled.
I also reminded myself, yet again, to take time to see the little things, the wonder in the everyday that surrounds us.  And somewhere, in all this mindfulness, this poem popped into my head.  Why? Because it does just what the sunset did. It creates beauty. It defines simplicity. It makes me smile. Poetry does not need to be complex to be both wonderful and wise. This poem I know by heart, because its message is worth keeping close to the heart.  Enjoy it and keep dreaming!!!

Yellow Coconut Curry (from The Little Green Spoon)

Today also see the continuation of “healthy January” and so I am eating well, made time for a brisk walk and have upped my water consumption.  No real hardship as I really enjoyed cooking a healthy Yellow Coconut Curry for supper.  The recipe comes from a fabulous healthy eating blog called The Little Green Spoon and most of the recipes I have tried have by the writer have worked out great. You can read the recipe for yourself just by following the link.
I have actually made this dish twice now, adapting it very slightly on the second attempt.  My favourite element of this recipe is the “from scratch” yellow paste. I always feel that making my own curry paste allows for great control over the quality and type of ingredients included.  This one didn’t call for much that I didn’t have  around the house but on my second attempt, I increased the chilli content quite significantly. Finding the first effort wonderfully fragrant but not very hot, I included two red chillies with seeds. I like a curry with a little kick!
The only other change I made to the recipe was I softened the onions in a little coconut oil at the beginning, before adding the coconut milk or the chicken.  Again this was a personal preference but they retained some of their crunch on the first attempt and I prefer a soft and translucent onion base.
The sauce, has a wonderful yellow colour from the turmeric and a fabulous
fragrance wafted through the house from the garlic, ginger and spices. The dish was a lovely combination of food not just for the palate, but also the eyes and nose. Bright colours, varied textures, strong aromas.
I used lots of sweet potato and chicken and let the sauce simmer until it was quite thick, creating a really hearty meal.  I served the sunshine curry with brown rice and lots of fresh coriander and it is definitely one I would recommend for those looking for healthy comfort food.  It can also be reheated for a hearty lunch on a winter’s day. Enjoy xo

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