Afternoon Dates – simply awesome!

How often do you make time for a date with your long-term partner? No plans to meet anyone else, just two adults relaxing in each other’s company.

The concept of “date night” is one of those very American ideas that makes the US so great. It’s kind of like the word “awesome”, it has no real European equivalent because on the opposite side of the Atlantic we feel the need to tone down our enthusiasm for things just a little.  Even for our relationships…at least publicly. But I love the unrestrained enthusiasm that is intrinsic to the concept of “awesomeness” and I love the idea of formally making time for another person by pencilling in an actual date.  Even if you have been with that person for well over a decade.

Every now and then, I like to clear an afternoon, put on a cute outfit, make a little more effort with my hair and make-up and go out on a proper date. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it is just about two people taking some time, and really making some time for each other.

Here’s how the most recent of these afternoons unfolded:

Firstly, there was a  winter’s afternoon walk somewhere rural and peaceful where the lake water was lapping gently and the trees seemed to form a protective tunnel over the narrow country lanes.





Then there was a little retail therapy, and no, I did not drag my date kicking and screaming (because he would be) shopping for my newest outfit. Rather we opted for the mutually appealing destination of a local book shop.  The purchases were a tad predictable – something dense and historic for him, for me a little light literature and something to provide some culinary inspiration.  On this occasion I opted for The Little Paris Bookshop

and the latest offering from the modern Italian chef Gino D’Acampo – yes it does help that he is very easy on the eye!!! 

After that mild exertion, we opted to take the weight off for half an hour in one of Ireland’s oldest and more traditional bars – I can’t think of a nicer setting for a slow glass of Merlot than by the a blazing turf fire fire in Sean’s Bar in Athlone.


Warmed up and feeling calm and relaxed but with our appetites building up nicely, the evening came to a relaxed end in one of the country’s best and most authentic Thai restaurants.  I have yet to be disappointed by a meal in Athlone’s Kin Khao, and the yellow and red exterior brings a little grin to my face every time it enters my line of vision.  The interior is warm and bustling and the staff busy, but welcoming and efficient.IMG_0191.JPGIMG_0190.JPGIMG_0188.JPG

But of course none of that matters if the food disappoints, so thankfully it never does. This time we had a prawn and a satay starter, a chicken curry and an exquisite duck noodle dish. Clean plates and no complaints made this the perfect end to a lovely weekend date.






So go ahead, make some time to spend some quality time together – make a date!!!  xoxo


One thought on “Afternoon Dates – simply awesome!

  1. alalisainfo says:

    Looks like you had a fun afternoon! It’s always nice to be able to go on that date once in awhile, despite busy schedules and tiring work shifts. I love your landscape photos, by the way.


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