An Evening in Cork City

On Day One of our little Easter break away we spent the evening in Cork city, booked in to an airport hotel as a result of a very early morning flight. Rather than passing the evening in a perfectly fine, but generic and somewhat soulless hotel, we opted instead to venture into the city centre for a few hours and catch up with some great friends for dinner.

Arriving late in the afternoon we took a stroll through Cork’s English Market, admiring everything from vintage clothes to bizarre looking fish. It was buzzing as always and remains a place of endless charm for locals and tourists alike. I love the vintage store fronts and of course it is foodie heaven.

This is a place not to be missed on a trip to Cork.

Having stopped by Waterstones to purchase a few books we then went for a quick drink before it was time to think about sustenance. Having been to The Woodford for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I decided it warranted a return trip as it boasts an impressive drinks list, pleasing decor and friendly staff.

We then went to out chosen restaurant and popped our name down for a table, before spending the 45 minute wait in a very cool nearby wine bar.  It was lovely to sample the wines and craft beers in Meades, this funky and welcoming Georgian style wine bar.  I will definitely be back.


Having received a friendly call to say our table was ready, we popped back across the street to Elbow Lane, a micro-brewery cum restaurant, specialising in steak and ribs.  The concept of local beer teamed with food is appealing and the place, although tiny, was buzzing. However, having read rave reviews of this place, I was not blown away.  The food was good, but not exceptional.  The beer rates the same. The staff were great and genuinely knowledgeable about their menu and it was a really fun place to hang out. But as far as the food goes I have definitely eaten better and more interesting food in Cork. I remain just a little on the fence about this one.

Fed and watered and remembering our early flight time to Edinburgh, it was back to the hotel for a few hours sleep.  Next update will be from Scotland xoxox


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