Edinburgh Day 1 – a travel diary

An early morning arrival in Edinburgh and a skinning breeze from the North made me glad that we were staying in a really nice hotel like The Sheraton Grand Hotel and Spa. Firstly, it was great that a room would be available despite it being only 10am and hours before official check-in. Secondly, the city centre location meant that there was no major effort required in doing a little exploring, returning for a siesta and strolling out again. Thirdly, it is fabulous – the rooms are great, the bar serves a fantastic selection of drinks in a really relaxing environment and the general vibe is welcoming and efficient. The type of hotel where no request seems a hassle, like dropping toothbrushes, tooth paste and mouth wash to the room at 8am. All told, the place felt like a welcome refuge, something all good hotels should aspire to. Here’s a quick look at the room.

Having freshened up, it was time for a little sustenance and some exploring and so I wandered the short distance to Lovecrumbs, a cake café that I had read a lot about.  It was so cute and there was a very interesting array of cakes. Wifi, a book, strong coffee and a fresh slice of white chocolate and lavender cake – the perfect scene for a lazy late morning pick-me-up.

Then a little more rested and a little less hungry, I started to explore Edinburgh, particularly the area around the Castle and the Royal Mile and basically I just marvelled at how well the Scottish capital has preserved its heritage. It is quirky, historic and a photograph lies around every corner. And so I took lots of photos….


Later after a relaxing cocktail in the hotel bar, we wandered to the fun and funky Civerinos for pizza and Italian beers.

It was simple, relaxed and the pizza was very well executed – a positive end to a positive day.  Hope you are also having a great Easter weekend.


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