Edinburgh Day 2 – Travel Diary


Today I am continuing my update on Edinburgh in the hope of inspiring a few future visitors to Scotland’s stunning capital city. As we entered Easter weekend it was a cold, but thankfully dry, Good Friday morning when we emerged from our hotel and grabbed a quick breakfast “butty” to set us up for a day of exploration. Actually, we quickly detoured to Oliver Bonas before the real exploring began, just because it is the kind of store I could browse in for hours and then we became bona fide tourists for a few hours.

We rambled through the Prince’s St gardens to the spectacularly imposing Scott monument. This tribute to Sir Walter Scott is the largest monument to a writer in the world and if you feel so inclined you can climb right to the top. A fitting tribute for the man who coined the immortal phrase, “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!”


We wandered from there right around the Old Town, marvelling yet again at the level of history and preservation which surrounded us. It really is a fairytale city in places.

Eventually, we looped around to Greyfriars Kirk, to read the very sweet story of inspirational loyalty between a dog and his master. If you happen to be unfamiliar do take a minute to google the now fabled actions of Greyfrairs Bobby. Of course we stopped in to the local for a pint of ale, sure it would be rude not to before taking a wander through the Kirk itself and then we headed off to do a little more weaving through the Old Town before considering a lazy lunch.

While the stunning architecture and notable literary links in this UNESCO site are not lost on me, my favourite part of Edinburgh was actually the quirky, independent shops and cafes and the beautiful almost romantic lane ways that snaked off the main streets, leading to who knows where.  It really is a city designed for the aimless wanderer. Couple this with the musicality and friendliness of the locals and you are on a winner in terms of a fun weekend destination.


Finally after all this walking around in the cold, it was time to consider a late lunch, and we decided to head to the Stockbridge area to indulge our appetites. We ended up in the warm and welcoming Scran & Scaille just before the midday menu was terminated. I personally loved this place. It was bustling, the menu was comforting yet a little classy and the drinks offerings were none too shabby either. After much deliberation I had a fish pie and a Style of Scotland beer flight. Both were very enjoyable.

My trusty travel companion was slightly, but only slightly, less enthused with his bangers and mash and Scottish ale.

After this long and lazy lunch we wandered through the beautiful neighbourhood of Stockbridge, again admiring the vintage and retro feel of a city that mixes the modern and the classic effortlessly.


After a well deserved siesta we ate pizza and drank cocktails on the buzzing Rose St in the heart of the new town that evening. It was another great day in a city I would highly recommend.


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