Edinburgh – the final installment

Day 3 of our city break dawned with less promising skies than those that had preceded them and so we opted for a somewhat lazier approach. Having read great things on other blogs about Urban Angel, we waited in a 45 minute queue for brunch.  Given that we had strong coffee and our books to pass the time, it really was no hardship and I am always impressed by places that can get people to wait for their products. They are getting something very right – the food, the marketing or the service. Best case scenario – all 3.


The main dining room is welcoming with lots of wood, candlelight and some old iron work for a unique appearance. They have a beautiful healthy brunch menu that champions local suppliers and is served all day, from which we chose a couple of smoothies, granola with yoghurt and berries and a scrambled egg on granary toast. It was delicious yet virtuous and nourishing – a kind of dream breakfast after an indulgent few days.

The lazy theme then continued as we explored some of Edinburgh’s atmospheric, and it turns out inexpensive, second hand book-shops. As two unashamed book worms this is always an appealing way to while away an hour on a dreary day.


Our favourite, although not pictured, was Armchair Books on West Port an absolute treasure trove for readers of any interest and any age.  Do not miss it if you are a book lover in Edinburgh.

We upped the ante on the ambling late morning as the weather brightened temporarily and walked to the Leith area of the city for a late lunch, stopping along the way at the stunning portrait gallery.

Arriving just as the rain did, we had a quick drink in the very popular Kings Wark followed by a very traditional Scottish lunch in The Granary.  I tried Scotland’s smoky answer to chowder, Cullen Skink, comfort food at its best.  My husband opted for an enormous Full Scottish, allowing us to finally sample haggis, similar in all but texture to Ireland’s black pudding.



With weather conditions continuing to deteriorate we decided to focus our sight-seeing on cocktails and food for the remainder of the day and after a bit of a search entered the charming and jam-packed Speakeasy, Panda & Sons, a basement bar on Queen St. It was lots of fun and I would recommend it to any visitor to the city.

To find Panda & Sons you need to find the red barber shop, the legitimate front for the prohibited venture.


Enter through the bookcase…


Admire the barber shop inspired decor as you peruse the menu.


Relax and sip your cocktail of choice while listening to a very cool soundtrack.



We finished the day, and indeed the trip, with dinner at the trendy and popular Beer Kitchen situated directly across the road from our hotel.  So in case there is any doubt – yes, I wholeheartedly recommend a city break in Edinburgh. In fact I can’t wait to return xoxo


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