Laughing with Lucy


Relax, relax I did not just have a secret baby although one has just entered my life in a pretty major way. Six weeks ago my sister-in-law delivered to the world the most beautiful baby girl and little Lucy became a part of all our lives. She is adorable in her innocence and perfection, although the workload she has heaped upon her new mum and dad is pretty phenomenal.  While this is not totally unexpected, Lucy is a first child to her parents, a first grandchild to both sets of nanas and grandpas and a first niece to all the brothers and sister-in-laws, so you can well imagine both the excitement and the steepness of the learning curve.

IMG_0870Already I know we will not get to see her half enough, as she changes daily, and considering she is a six-week old, who can’t walk or talk, she still manages to brighten up the entire room with a smile. I am ridiculously excited that I get to be a godmother to this little treasure and in a strange but fabulous way it has made me stop and re-evaluate things a little. What values would I like her to see in me? Will I be the kind of role model she deserves? Will my husband and I be the kind of uncle and auntie she likes to hang out with? Pretty deep thoughts to be inspired by one so little.

But she is perfect, at least when she is not screaming the house down, and deserves a world full of people who want her to have a life of love and laughter. To paraphrase Sylvia Plath, a world where she experiences lullabies, colour, ducks and “the zoo of the new”. Things that teach her, entertain her, amuse her and help her grow into a fabulous little girl – which given how well I know her mum and dad, and seeing how they fell instantly in love with her, seems completely inevitable.


And watching the new mum and dad develop into their new roles has been every bit as fascinating as watching Lucy take her place in the world.  They are phenomenal. It is probably the world’s most high pressured job and there is no option to clock out at the end of the day. Everything is new, everything is confusing and they are, I assume, terrified of getting anything even a little wrong in case it makes this child, now the most important thing in the world, even a little uncomfortable. But they just get on with it. In the sea of gifts and wrapping paper, pink dresses and babygros, visitors and cups of tea are three people learning to be a family. And from where I am standing, they are winning every day and Lucy is one very lucky little girl.



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