Simple Steak Salad

So the healthy eating is going pretty well this week, and I feel surgically attached to a mug of warm water and lemon, so all in all I am feeling pretty virtuous (she types as she cheerfully ignores the complete over-indulgence in food and alcohol at the neighbour’s dinner party last night!!!). But because I love food I spend lots of time trying to keep my meals interesting and varied – life might be simpler if I was happy to eat a chicken breast and broccoli every night. This week’s greatest triumph was a very simple and so delicious steak salad and there was enough left over for the next day’s lunch – happy days!!!!

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What makes this simple salad worthy of a full post?  Firstly, the fact that the dressing was completely oil free and yet still became the star of the show. Secondly, it took fifteen minutes to make and it yielded dinner and lunch….what’s not to love?

I started with quite a large sirloin steak which I marinated in a little sesame oil and garlic for about an hour (while the dog and I went for our walk). Then I simply seared it for a couple of minutes on each side while I made the dressing and assembled the salad.

For the salad I tossed a bag of organic leaves in a bowl with some diced yellow pepper, spring onions and cucumber. Then I added some finely chopped coriander and basil before topping with the well rested slices of beef and some roughly chopped cashews. Now it just needed the dressing and it couldn’t be easier.

In a bowl I simply combined a spoon of organic honey, the juice of a lime, a finely chopped garlic clove and red chilli and a few drops of fish sauce. Whisk it all together (or shake it up in a jam jar) and drizzle over the salad. Dinner is then ready to serve.

I only dressed the salad I was eating and kept a little dressing in a jar for the following day so the lettuce all stayed crisp.  It was delicious both days and while I prefer it a little warm, the cold beef remained surprisingly soft and succulent. Healthy, happy food xoxo


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