Fun, Fitness and Fashion – great blogs to browse.

Just a quick post this evening to share some blogs that kept me entertained during what turned out to be a long, lazy and mostly healthy weekend.

I loved reading about Rosemary Mac Cabe’s personal style journey.  In fact I just discovered this blog and I am completely hooked.  I think it’s because she really nails the tone – she’s an accomplished writer who does colloquial effortlessly and honesty fearlessly.  Inspired, I even invested in a mini ASOS haul to launch my own journey towards a more streamlined wardrobe that suits my life (and shape) today. For every item I keep, I am aiming to send three old ones to the charity shop. And when I spotted that this jumper which Rosemary had linked now had 75% off, I decided to at least try it on for size. If it works it can wait patiently in the wardrobe until the autumn days close in. Because when the temperature drops a cozy wool jumper is always welcome!!!

Image 2 of Shae Soft Wool Boucle Shoulder Detail Jumper

The next blog I have been voraciously reading is fast becoming a favourite. I have been a little obsessed with Lorraine of Real Italian Foodies for years now (I don’t know her or anything) and find it hard to be in the vicinity of Limerick without taking a detour to La Cucina. However, after a brave and inspirational battle with breast cancer, Lorraine totally overhauled her diet and fitness regime and this saw the birth of a new blog, Healthy.Fit.Bella.  I wasn’t aware of it until I started tweaking my own diet and I stumbled across it.  It has fab clean eating recipes that are refreshingly simple to follow. Check it out if you follow a similar food plan, I plan intend to cook from it all week and see how it goes.  The chicken cashew stir-fry was tonight’s successful start.



Last week I really enjoyed discovering Lily Pebbles. She has a really cool blog and an even better YouTube channel. She does some great make-up videos and because I am not the most confident with make-up her step-by-step tutorials are great viewing for me. It’s quite old but I really enjoyed her morning routine for busy women. I would love to try the Sarah Chapman Morning Facial but it may be just a little beyond my price range for an everyday product. I do however need to purchase a new concealer and given its blog popularity I think I am going to try the Nars version. The fact that she recommends the Clarins Lip Perfector, my sister-in-law’s favourite, also reminds me that it is a product that deserves a chance.

Finally for tonight, I am becoming a little obsessed with A Little Obsessed. Sabrina Babo has created a lifestyle blog that is perfectly suited to my taste. It has a little of all the things I love and not too much of any of them. So if you are after a healthy pick-and-mix of beauty, wellness, fashion and travel then this may be the blog for you.

I hope you get some time to sit and read, maybe with a big cup of green tea in some comfy pjs. Let’s ease into the week with a smile xoxo


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