August Favourites…Beauty

Between travelling and my birthday this month, I picked up quite a selection of new hair and beauty odds and ends and so here is a rundown on some of my faves. All you beauty aficionados will instantly realise that I came very late to the party with almost all of these products, and I … Continue reading August Favourites…Beauty


Healthy, healthy, healthy!!!

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” - George Bernard Shaw Well after a fab week in London, the last few days have been about restoring the equilibrium - balancing the excesses of the good life with some of the sacrifices that come with a healthier approach. Otherwise there will be no … Continue reading Healthy, healthy, healthy!!!

Carnaby Street and the Footsteps of the Ripper.

Morning - woke up a little later than normal so going to keep the update on yesterday's London explorations short and sweet. We started the day separately, history nerd husband at the Museum of London and caffeine addict wife at the corner of Carnaby Street with a camera, a credit card and a warm paper … Continue reading Carnaby Street and the Footsteps of the Ripper.

Morning Markets and The Globe

Sunday in London, still busy but without the chaotic feel of a weekday as those out and about have generally replaced professional pursuits with more leisurely ones. People sip coffee as they walk, read the paper over brunch and if they are on Columbia Road they buy flowers and maybe an odd antique teacup to … Continue reading Morning Markets and The Globe