Crazy and Crowded in Camden


So London Day 3 got off to a lovely lazy start yesterday. Following a recommendation, we strolled in the sunshine for about five minutes to reach Sunday, a bustling neighbourhood cafe with a queue at the door for tables. Having waited about 15 minutes to be seated, we hungrily perused the modern and in parts healthy brunch menu. We then discarded the healthy and opted for french toast (although I did have a half portion) and a full English. Although I was very happy with my coffee there were a significant number of takers for the watermelon juice spiked with vodka. The vibe was laid back urban, the service was great and the food fresh and delicious. My travelling companion thought it was all very Made in Chelsea so all in all a cool, casual start to the day. So if you are in North London and in the market for brunch, I would definitely recommend Sunday on Hemingford Road.

After a leisurely start, it was time for the craziness of Camden Market.  Having visited multiple times it just never gets old for me. It is both vintage and modern, alternative and mainstream, and unique and cliched. I love the crowds and hate the crowds, love the quirkiness and find it to be dating quickly, love the uniqueness but feel it all exists elsewhere. Overall I love it…but mostly because it reminds me of when I was younger, it was cooler, I was new to London and it did what it still does..celebrates life with all its colours and emotions (no white cardboard here).

And of course there was food…the options are multiple but we chose Italian with fresh pasta. Not the more photogenic but it really was delicious. After Camden, we returned to Islington and did what all crazy child-free couples do on a Saturday night in one of the world’s major cities…we shopped, cooked, listened to music and had a couple of drinks on the balcony. In our defence…there is only so much excitement we can take in a day, we are not yet acclimatised.


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