Morning Markets and The Globe


Sunday in London, still busy but without the chaotic feel of a weekday as those out and about have generally replaced professional pursuits with more leisurely ones. People sip coffee as they walk, read the paper over brunch and if they are on Columbia Road they buy flowers and maybe an odd antique teacup to hold their champagne!

And that is where we started our day – the short stroll down Columbia Road was a lot of fun, traders enthusiastically pedalling their wares to the tourists and locals bartering for and buying their blooms. Hydrangas seem to be winning on the popularity stakes but sunflowers and french lavender were performing well also. Behind the stalls were the cutest of independent stores selling everything from antiques to coffee and perfume to gardening tools. A cheap and cheerful start to a Sunday morning in London.


From Columbia road, it is just a short stroll across to Brick Lane, another of London’s iconic street markets. It is probably really obvious by now that I love the London market scene, the diversity of the food, the multi-ethnic make-up, the forum for artisans and old school traders to vie for business. Walking up Brick Lane, we stopped to peer in the window of the Cereal Killer Cafe, something that is a bit too gimicky for me but I get why people love it. We then visited the really great Brick Lane bookshop, where my husband stocked up on some Jack the Ripper inspired reading material, before enjoying some Chinese food on the steps of the Sunday Up Market – a weekend event in an old warehouse.

For the afternoon, this literature nerd was super excited to be able to see the work of The Bard himself in its true spiritual home  – The Globe Theatre. We had groundling tickets for for Macbeth and it was both a great experience and an excellent performance.


The interpretation was excellent and I felt the characterisation of the three weird sisters and the inclusion of a wordless Macbeth child really enhanced this version of the Scottish tragedy. All the acting was superb, not surprising from such an experienced cast, and the extremely hot Macduff made the sore feet of the second act a little more bearable.

You really can’t argue with £5 tickets to a production of such quality but it is a lot of standing so if you go wear your most comfortable shoes. And if it’s sunny, don’t forget the sunscreen!!

Leaving Southbank about 4pm, we strolled across the bridge towards the imposing grandeur of St. Pauls, before hopping on a red bus towards Covent Garden. We took a break in the Lamb and Flag, one of London’s most authentic old bars before weaving our way to Neal’s Yard. Several bloggers, who know London much better than I do, had mentioned the pizza from Homeslice and so we decided to give it a try. The place was packed and we had a 15 minute wait for a table but the 20″ pizza that followed – half Margarita, half salami and Parmesan – was  worth waiting for. Sitting outside with beer and pizza watching the world pass by was a really satisfying end to a pretty great day!

Hope your Sunday was as much fun as mine xo




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