The ULTIMATE Grilled Cheese….

....the cheat meal of dreams!!!!! People who don't know me in real life will possibly eye roll at the notion that I am about to devote an entire blog post to "a cheese sandwich". Those of us who go back a little further, will remember days when my entire diet was based around chicken, mushrooms, … Continue reading The ULTIMATE Grilled Cheese….


Lasagne: Recipe for an Autumnal Summer’s Day.

We hadn't exactly been having a Mediterranean summer but it's Ireland and so the fact that it wasn't cold and there were dry spells between showers was keeping us fairly content. But August has dawned with just a little sniff of winter in the air, a breeze with a bite to it when it picks … Continue reading Lasagne: Recipe for an Autumnal Summer’s Day.

5 things I like to do on a Summer Morning

Given that the next few months are largely devoid of any serious level of commitment or responsibility, I am enjoying waking at my leisure and easing myself into the day ahead gently. Here's what a "typical" morning is starting to look like. 1. Coffee/Tea and a book. I wake pretty early, probably because the renovation … Continue reading 5 things I like to do on a Summer Morning

Never Look A Gift Carrot…..

Yesterday, I got a gift of a bag of carrots. Not just any carrots either but carrots from Clonown, famed in song and deemed to have properties that would put the most extraordinary superfood to shame. Chia, Maca,Wheatgrass or Kale have nothing on the humble Clonown carrot. Not convinced? You really need to have a … Continue reading Never Look A Gift Carrot…..

Sunday Night Meal Prep..

The roller coaster that is healthy living seems to get derailed with frightening ease at times, especially if you head in to the week unprepared. Personally, I find that my most successful weeks always start with a disciplined, well planned Monday, but that in itself requires some Sunday pre-planning. And so here I am, on … Continue reading Sunday Night Meal Prep..

What I eat in a day: the healthy version

First off, to acknowledge the long, long time between posts and to commit to rectifying the situation. The lack of posts was not due to any loss of interest in the creative outlet that is blogging, but rather to a loss of the other vital component for any blog - an internet connection. Thankfully, having just … Continue reading What I eat in a day: the healthy version

Healthy, healthy, healthy!!!

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” - George Bernard Shaw Well after a fab week in London, the last few days have been about restoring the equilibrium - balancing the excesses of the good life with some of the sacrifices that come with a healthier approach. Otherwise there will be no … Continue reading Healthy, healthy, healthy!!!