Laughing with Lucy

Relax, relax I did not just have a secret baby although one has just entered my life in a pretty major way. Six weeks ago my sister-in-law delivered to the world the most beautiful baby girl and little Lucy became a part of all our lives. She is adorable in her innocence and perfection, although … Continue reading Laughing with Lucy


Bubbles and Brussel’s Sprouts

Another Christmas Day has elapsed peacefully, surrounded by family and enough food to sustain a small country. We are recovering by sitting around in our PJs, sipping steaming mugs of coffee and watching retro cartoons. Yesterday, I took responsibility for the pre-dinner aperitifs and I was so pleased with how my seasonal cocktail turned out.  Festive in … Continue reading Bubbles and Brussel’s Sprouts

5 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep.

O sleep, O gentle sleep, Nature's soft nurse, how have I frighted thee, That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down And steep my sense in forgetfulness? ~William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 1 Shakespeare regularly knows exactly how I feel and can express it with far greater eloquence. And pleading with sleep, wondering what I did … Continue reading 5 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep.

Do we experience too much?

    The Sunday Poem: Advent by Patrick Kavanagh As always, I have a little poetic offering for Sunday morning, poetry perhaps being my personal form of prayer. As it is officially December, I have chosen Patrick Kavanagh's poem Advent. A poem that brings me right back to my school days. Kavanagh was a poet whose … Continue reading Do we experience too much?

The Season to be Jolly…

My colleagues, among them some of my closest friends, seem to be embracing the festive season with exceptional zeal this year and are determined to drag me along kicking and screaming.  Their enthusiasm is as infectious as it is annoying and so I am reluctantly resigning myself to the idea that December is destined to be about all things … Continue reading The Season to be Jolly…

Read and Reviewed: Us – a novel.

“I love you is an interesting phrase, in that apparently small alterations–taking away the I, adding a word like lots or loads–render it meaningless.”   - Us I have just finished reading Us by English author, David Nicholls and I am very glad I finally got around curling up with this narrative.  Having loved the … Continue reading Read and Reviewed: Us – a novel.