Healthy Eating – a bit of a diet overhaul!

After two and a half weeks of indulgence, today marked the beginning of a pre-summer health kick for me and although I deferred exercise to tomorrow’s to-do list, I made a good start at overhauling my diet. I drank more water than normal (although still way less than I should), limited myself to two cups of coffee (a major reduction on my normal daily intake) and returned to cooking in coconut oil.

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Breakfast was a rushed all fruit affair but it all got better from there. Lunches for the next day or so are a green soup and seed bread. I am a fan of Indy Power’s healthy eating blog The Little Green Spoon and adapted both recipes from this site. The soup, Little Green Goddess Soup, is made with Kale, Spinach and Broccoli and has a lovely velvety texture as it is finished off with coconut milk.  It is filling and tasty and has to be good for you – just look at the main ingredients and the healthy, vibrant green colour?



Now being a huge fan of a crusty baguette, I am not going to stretch credibility by saying that Super Seed Bread was delicious but it is gluten free, dairy free and packed with goodness so I am pretty happy that it will help me in my quest to look and feel a bit better. It was also really, really easy to make.  Here’s mine just out of the oven. I am not ready to sacrifice the butter just yet though!


I stayed with The Little Green Spoon for dinner inspiration too and made grilled chicken skewers served on a bed of It’s always sunny quinoa and scattered with toasted pine nuts. The chicken was marinated in chilli powder, paprika, cumin, garlic, greek yoghurt, lemon juice and a little olive oil.  The marinade kept the chicken breast lovely and moist and added great flavour to what can be a somewhat bland meat.


It was quick, simple and delicious. I think The Little Green Spoon could provide much inspiration in the days to come and its lovely to see an Irish healthy eating blog doing so well and reaching so many of us in a positive way. If you haven’t already discovered it, I would definitely recommend taking a look.

Now, all that remains for today is to unwind with a good book and try my latest herbal tea acquisition – hardly a rock and roll lifestyle but a happy end to a healthy day xoxo